5 Things I didn’t Expect While Expecting #5


Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I posted  a blog. if you’re wondering what happened….the answer is a simple, life. Yep, I got surprisingly pregnant, again. Surprise ,Surprise, or not really. It’s another girl.  While I wasn’t very surprised at having another girl, I was surprised at quite a few other things. First of all (picture me holding up my index finger here with stern brows), you would think with this being number 5 there would be noooo surprises. Well, you and I would be wrong.

  1. For example, did you know the pelvis was a joint? If you did congratulations. I had nooo idea.  I only found out because apparently during labor it can separate. It’s pretty painful. It’s given some high falutin name, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. It was a dysfunction alright.  I could barely walk for like weeks.
  2. Secondly, morning sickness is a misnomer. Who came up with that deceptive name.  I was sick from morning till night. It was an all day and night sickness. I also discovered that puking on yourself while driving is no fun ( sorry, but why not share the grossness of it all).  Also if you’re one of the lucky ones, it’ll last well past the first trimester. Yay…




3. Every pregnancy is different. okay so maybe you already knew that and I should have too. But when you’ve already had four, it kinds gives a false sense of confidence. I mean, I thought I was a professional babymaker. Boy, was I wrong? The list of do not eats grew exponentially longer. Besides no cheese and tragically no sushi for me I couldn’t eat any sandwich meat.

4. Labor pain is “the business”. Also something I should have known. But honestly, God was looking out for me with the first four. Before number five you would have heard be smuggly bragging about not taking the epidural and having natural birth. I had somehow believed my own hype that I was stronger than most .  Let me tellllll you (insert several hand claps). I  was transformed into something I didn’t recognize. No matter how spirit fill you may think you are…..a few undesirable sailor associated words may slip out. I could no longer hear the worship music my friend was playing. Matter of fact I could have sworn that the anesthesiologist was sent by God to deliver me. Whoever invented the epidural you’re the real MVP. YASSS. It felt like I went from being the Incredible Hulk to Bruce Banner. whew chile


5. Okay so speaking of the epidural… Did you know that after you receive it and become human again something incredible starts to happen? I was itching all over. So what ? No big deal. I just scratch right…? Wrong.  I was itching , literally itching all over. where was this euphoria and calmness I had heard about from the other pregnant women? So its nothing compare to the pain. But please kindly let the unsuspecting preggers who are looking forward to taking the epidural know that they might temporarily experience crack head level itching.

Despite all of the above-mentioned horrors , what is true is that it all immediately faded away once I held my sweet baby in my arms. I was grateful for a safe delivery and a healthy and beautiful girl. She was a sign of peace. The olive branch after the storm.  She was a reminder of Proverbs 16:9 ” A person’s heart plans His way but the Lord determines his steps”. (CSB)

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Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

I’m so excited to write my first blog. Yay me! I thought I’d feel liberated but really it’s quite terrifying. However here what I figure out. I’m always going to feel some sort of trepidation in putting out new content. It doesn’t matter if its pictures or words. The reason is that I don’t and didn’t want to judge. Also there are so many blogs out there already. I thought there wasn’t a space for me. So what made me take the plunge you ask? ( I’m certain you did).  Well I didn’t want to live fearfully anymore.  I realized that instead of trying to be unique and different I already am.

Happy Birthday

Ok so .. its not an amazing revelation but for me it was an aha moment. What I mean is God created me uniquely, loved me uniquely  and He sees beauty worth dying for in me. I mean seriously ..mind blown.  My infinite love of black and white and all shades in between compelled me to find out if there were others out there like me. Others who stay in the lines afraid to mess up or share their mess. If there are and you’re out there …know this, life is black and white but it is also colorful..Life is structured lines but zigzag and curves are so much fun. It is not perfect nor can it be photoshopped. However it is meant to be lived fully and without fear because He who loves you says “ Perfect love cast out all fears”.


Oh and about the outfit love, love, love Culottes. They totally make me as if I belong under the streets of Paris under the Pont De Bir-Hakeim gazing out at the Eiffel Tower and sipping on Parisian coffee. Truth is I’m in front of  my local public Library which has an interesting background side-eyeing the littles as the hubster plays photographer ( He did a great job btw). Someday though….



If you like dreaming with me leave a comment, if not why not I mean really..