Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

I’m so excited to write my first blog. Yay me! I thought I’d feel liberated but really it’s quite terrifying. However here what I figure out. I’m always going to feel some sort of trepidation in putting out new content. It doesn’t matter if its pictures or words. The reason is that I don’t and didn’t want to judge. Also there are so many blogs out there already. I thought there wasn’t a space for me. So what made me take the plunge you ask? ( I’m certain you did).  Well I didn’t want to live fearfully anymore.  I realized that instead of trying to be unique and different I already am.

Happy Birthday

Ok so .. its not an amazing revelation but for me it was an aha moment. What I mean is God created me uniquely, loved me uniquely  and He sees beauty worth dying for in me. I mean seriously ..mind blown.  My infinite love of black and white and all shades in between compelled me to find out if there were others out there like me. Others who stay in the lines afraid to mess up or share their mess. If there are and you’re out there …know this, life is black and white but it is also colorful..Life is structured lines but zigzag and curves are so much fun. It is not perfect nor can it be photoshopped. However it is meant to be lived fully and without fear because He who loves you says “ Perfect love cast out all fears”.


Oh and about the outfit love, love, love Culottes. They totally make me as if I belong under the streets of Paris under the Pont De Bir-Hakeim gazing out at the Eiffel Tower and sipping on Parisian coffee. Truth is I’m in front of  my local public Library which has an interesting background side-eyeing the littles as the hubster plays photographer ( He did a great job btw). Someday though….



If you like dreaming with me leave a comment, if not why not I mean really..