Dear White Moms,

July 3, 2020 

Dear White Moms,

 Here’s a list of experiences you won’t have to endure…..I’ll preface with this, I love you all. I’ll also acknowledge that some of you will understand as you too are raising little brown babies. However, in order to properly support each other, I believe it starts with understanding our individual and unique struggles. With that said, the color of my skin has placed on a different block in motherhood than you. One in which I’m happy you’ll never have to experience. Experiences like

Spending hours in a toy store searching for that one doll that looks like your child. 

I remember rummaging from store to store with my oldest searching for that one brown skin doll and coming up empty. We eventually resorted to ordering Addy from American Girl doll the only brown doll at the time. With a little wig change, I was able to gift her a doll that looked like her…sort off. Things have since changed and my girls certainly have more options then my oldest did then. Why is this important you may ask? Well because culture influences our sense of self and self-worth. Refer to Dr. Kenneth and Dr. Clark’s “doll test” for visual confirmation.

Reading time with my chocolate baby

You won’t have to wipe away tears that stem from questions such as “why didn’t or don’t white people like us ?, every time February the designated month for “black history” rolls around. These questions don’t go away as they become older. They become more complex and painful. Somehow you’ll have to teach them this is in the past except when it is not. It’s all in the past except in 2020 black people and white allies are risking their lives to affirm that their black lives ‘Should’ matter

Because COVID

You won’t have to look up the percentage of ethnicity in a town as you visit the beach. I know this is so specific but it’s a reality. Not too long ago I loaded up my girls in the car and headed for the beach. As we drove through the small town, I began to see a few homes with confederate flags. Fear immediately gripped my heart as I asked my sister to google the population. We all became even more unsettled as the population of black residents was below 10 percent. While driving in unfamiliar territory can inspire fear in anyone racism heightens it. I contemplated if I had unwittingly endangered by children. I considered turning around after more than five hours’ drive. It turned out to be very lovely. However, we did stand out

You won’t have to wipe away tears of hysteria from your child’s eyes because they did not believe their father would be safe if they walked out the door because of the color of their skin. He will come home. I tried to reassure one of my girls as she screamed at me “you don’t know that!!”. In this present world that fear should be irrational. unfortunately it’s not and unlike a uniform he can not take off his skin color.

Fighting to maintain their innocence 

You won’t have to have “the talk”. No not the ones about the birds and the bees. The one about how others perceive your child as a black person. The one about how they should behave in “white spaces”. The one where you tell them that they have to twice as good as their peers in order to be just as good. It seems like odd unnecessary pressure if if you grew up black you more than like have been told this before and felt the weight of it.

You won’t have to consider this list, that is until you raise a little black child who is experiencing the world differently then you do. To my white mommy friends who have reached out and are raising little black kings and queens with awareness, your are phenomenon. To those of you who might read this list and feel attacked rather than compassion know that it is your privilege that allows you to feel this way. To my black moms who understand and know that this list extends beyond five short bullet points; that it includes thinking twice about your newborn “black-sounding” name, or even if you would make it out of labor to be a mother… Please know I see your struggle and your pain. You are magic. Even more so, God is with you and He sees you. In Genesis 16 God said to Hagar that He has heard her cry of distress and Hagar realized that God truly saw her. Dear Mothers, Motherhood is hard so “above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.” ( 1 peter 4:8)

God is with and He sees you.

Top 5 Postpartum Hacks…Sort of

So was browsing through one of my favorite magazines and saw a list of genius survival hacks after baby. It was titled let’s get real. As I read through it, I could not relate to a single thing these moms were listing. The list included binge watching friends, reading on a kindle, and  working in the veggie garden! My mouth gaped opened. I immediately started looking for the hack to their hacks. Whose reality was this and how could I make it mine. 

Here’s my hack, there are none! sorry . However here are someways I coped. 1) Make peace with your natural scent. I did. The one that comes about after 3 days with no shower…(don’t judge me…You can but idc). I had to know that reading a book for leisure was thing of the distant past.

2 Call a friend. A real friend. The kind that won’t judge you as they step over a pile of used diapers. The kind that won’t mind the funk but will hold your baby so you can take a nice long 10-minute shower

3) Order take out. It’s fine the family will survive. If it makes you feel better get one of those pizza with the vegetable and add pineapple on it. That way you hit all the major food groups. Thanks to Grub Hub and a host of other food delivery service you don’t have to leave your house.

4) exercise, when you’re ready. Feed your baby and find a Zumba. If Dad’s around dump the baby. Dress up in your favorite yoga pants then run out the door. Take at least a 5- minute walk and breathe. Tell yourself (even if you’re lying) that it’ll be ok! Look through old pictures and remind yourself that you used to be human. Then go home, hold your baby (whether crying or smiling), and marvel at the tiny wonder they are.

5)Find the joy even in this crazy stage. Someday you’ll get sleep. It maybe sooner or four years from now. But when you do, it’ll be glorious! Just know you’re not alone. There are lots of other moms on this journey with you and they get it! It will get better look at me all showered and out of sweats. Pretending to live the carefree life.

When someday arrives….

P.S Jesus gets it too. Though you may be short on time. Just know he’s there and it’s totally okay to pray while sitting on the toilet.

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5 Things I didn’t Expect While Expecting #5


Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I posted  a blog. if you’re wondering what happened….the answer is a simple, life. Yep, I got surprisingly pregnant, again. Surprise ,Surprise, or not really. It’s another girl.  While I wasn’t very surprised at having another girl, I was surprised at quite a few other things. First of all (picture me holding up my index finger here with stern brows), you would think with this being number 5 there would be noooo surprises. Well, you and I would be wrong.

  1. For example, did you know the pelvis was a joint? If you did congratulations. I had nooo idea.  I only found out because apparently during labor it can separate. It’s pretty painful. It’s given some high falutin name, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. It was a dysfunction alright.  I could barely walk for like weeks.
  2. Secondly, morning sickness is a misnomer. Who came up with that deceptive name.  I was sick from morning till night. It was an all day and night sickness. I also discovered that puking on yourself while driving is no fun ( sorry, but why not share the grossness of it all).  Also if you’re one of the lucky ones, it’ll last well past the first trimester. Yay…




3. Every pregnancy is different. okay so maybe you already knew that and I should have too. But when you’ve already had four, it kinds gives a false sense of confidence. I mean, I thought I was a professional babymaker. Boy, was I wrong? The list of do not eats grew exponentially longer. Besides no cheese and tragically no sushi for me I couldn’t eat any sandwich meat.

4. Labor pain is “the business”. Also something I should have known. But honestly, God was looking out for me with the first four. Before number five you would have heard be smuggly bragging about not taking the epidural and having natural birth. I had somehow believed my own hype that I was stronger than most .  Let me tellllll you (insert several hand claps). I  was transformed into something I didn’t recognize. No matter how spirit fill you may think you are…..a few undesirable sailor associated words may slip out. I could no longer hear the worship music my friend was playing. Matter of fact I could have sworn that the anesthesiologist was sent by God to deliver me. Whoever invented the epidural you’re the real MVP. YASSS. It felt like I went from being the Incredible Hulk to Bruce Banner. whew chile


5. Okay so speaking of the epidural… Did you know that after you receive it and become human again something incredible starts to happen? I was itching all over. So what ? No big deal. I just scratch right…? Wrong.  I was itching , literally itching all over. where was this euphoria and calmness I had heard about from the other pregnant women? So its nothing compare to the pain. But please kindly let the unsuspecting preggers who are looking forward to taking the epidural know that they might temporarily experience crack head level itching.

Despite all of the above-mentioned horrors , what is true is that it all immediately faded away once I held my sweet baby in my arms. I was grateful for a safe delivery and a healthy and beautiful girl. She was a sign of peace. The olive branch after the storm.  She was a reminder of Proverbs 16:9 ” A person’s heart plans His way but the Lord determines his steps”. (CSB)

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Dear Daughters, Your Not So perfect Mom

1D60043D-BD79-449D-ACC1-56828A50E0D9I knew I loved you the minute I laid eyes on you on that black and white screen with body parts I could barely make out. You all took me by surprise as crazy as that may sound. Four amazing life-changing surprises. At the time, I thought only of how my life was about to change and how ill-prepared I was to be a mother, again, and again, and again.  You’d really think after the first or second time I would be ready. Truth is I was terrified. I wondered if God had it right and I wondered if you would wonder if God had it right.  I mean what was He thinking giving me children. Surely there were better-qualified mothers out there. The kind that wrote in planners, had college degrees and had their life figured out.  The kind who smiled the entire 9 months of pregnancy and looked forward to having their insides kicked while lovingly rubbing their bellies.  The kind of moms who oohed and ahhed over baby clothes and had soft kind voices. I sadly fit none of those descriptions.



Surely He did not want this for me.  The kind who was horrifyingly freaked out by the thought of another human inhabiting my body. The kind that was worried and still is that she’ll make the mistakes that’ll ruin four innocent lives. Yet, God meant it. Yep, I would be a mom of four.


So the years have seemingly passed you all are no longer babies and we’re now heading for blaring sign with caution puberty ahead. Once again I’m terrified and no more confident. I wonder if there is an escape puberty country accepting offering asylum for scared moms. None of the books I’ve read seem to offer enough information on how to navigate this new path. Yet as my house and hand fill up with never-ending laundry and sticky brown mess ( I rather not know what it is), My heart grows fuller.  Love, experiences, and memories, that are comforting and sometimes joyful fill every crevice.


I’ve realized I’ll mess up many times. I’ve also realized I’ll never stop loving you, being in awe of you and crying over your many first accomplishments. I love you my beautiful daughters and now I’m so grateful and humbled that our heavenly Father entrusted me with your lives. Even more so now because I know that He’s right there with me and I’m not alone.

Happy Mothers Day to all the not so perfect moms like me


Mother’s Day: A Touch of Sadness


It’s Mother’s Day and I’m supposed to be celebrating. Yet I don’t feel like it. I thought about writing a blog about all I’ve learned as mom, but truth be told I don’t think it’ll help you. Why? Because everyone experiences motherhood in a totally different way. For example I have friends who thought the idea of a human taking up residence in their body and making their abdominals double in normal size was just beautiful. Not so for me.



I know that doesn’t sound motherly, but I just wanted them out.  All that to say your experience will be your own. Whether beautiful humorous annoying or all the above.  What I will share is the sadness of not experiencing that. The anguish of knowing that a potential life within you never happened. For some people Mother’s Day is a reminder of a day they can’t celebrate.



IMG_2370 A reminder of what could have been. With a history of miscarriage this Mother’s Day I am a lot more appreciative of the title of mom. However it does not diminish the pain I feel of losing a child I never knew. I’m somewhere in the middle of gratefulness and guilt feeling like I have no right to be sad. Yet I am all the same. For those of you who never got the chance to see their babies and watch them grow I want you to know you are a mother. Take comfort in knowing that your Heavenly Father knows what it’s like to lose a child as well and He and only him can bring you comfort. Happy Mother’s Day.