Happy New Second !


The New Year brings with it so much hope, so much optimism, and so many chances to break all your resolutions (or is that just me).  Currently stuffing my face with some really good corn bread that’s not gluten free. Oh well. Look I’m not encouraging you to break yours, but honestly I’m so over the clichés of New Year’s resolutions.



I was once told by a very wise old man (my pastor), that every second really is a chance to start fresh. So no need to wait for a New Year to make life changing decisions. Do it now.  If you’re like me ,feeling down on yourself for already breaking half of your resolutions, don’t fret a new second is coming right up. So what’s in store for 2018 you ask? You didn’t ask…?  Well , I’ll tell you anyway. I have no idea. Jesus and I are pretty close but He doesn’t tell me all His secrets. So just like you and everybody else I have to wait to experience it.


DSC_0010.jpgI hope that I will count it all joy when I go through various trials and tribulations of 2018 but I’m sure I won’t. I’ll call up my sisters and girlfriends and whine about my life, I might even blog about my misfortunes. Through it all though, broken resolutions, trials, unending laundry and 4 heads of natural hair, I’m sure He’ll (Jesus) will be right there asking what have you learn?


That brings me to my next point. Every New Year, New Month, Week, minutes, or second is an opportunity to learn from the setbacks and to set and conquer new goals. To understand that “It’s not what I don’t have that’s stopping me from being effective , its what I think I need.” (Jim Elliot)

The final point is if you’re feeling like me you already messed up your New Year’s resolutions, be comforted by the fact that there is a new second coming right up seize and remain resolute to love people and love God.


On another note… do you see this dress ( insert black girl hand clap and two snaps) ? This is one of the first evidence I received of God being with me this New Year. The original price was $ 69.99 at H&M. The way my thriftiness is set up…, ain’t no way I was  spending that. So I prayed. long story short, I went back with the hubs and was able to snatch it up for just $ 15.00 ( hands raised high above head with eyes closed.) God is so good. He even cares about my bargain shopping.DSC_0048.jpg


Happy 2018 . Make it great and just live! Also feel free to comment and let me know how you plan on making 2018 great.


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